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开利研发中心招聘信息Research & Development Engineer – Air Management


Research & Development Engineer – Air Management

Job description         

Engineer needed to develop advanced fan and air management technology in Carrier AAV-IAQ group. Candidate should have strong analytical and experimental skills in turbomachine aerodynamics and CFD modeling. Position involves work ranging from early concept studies to production component development and implementation.Candidate should be creative and flexible, with the ability to work on problems ranging from analytical modeling to experimental testing and facility design.Good communication and planning skills are required.

Duties & Responsibilities:

* Develop fan & air management technology using analytical and experimental methods.

* Develop fan design and analysis methods for aerodynamics and acoustics.

* Plan, design and coordinate new fan & air management test facilities.

* Plan and supervise experimental testing and carry out data analysis and reporting.

* Generate written technical proposals and summary reports.

* Work with Carrier teams to implement advanced fan & air management designs.

* Some domestic and international travel required.


MS or phD, Mechanical Engineering with emphasis on aerodynamics and turbomachinery.


2-7 years experience preferred.

* Strong fundamentals in aerodynamics and turbomachinery.

* Proficient in CFD analysis.

* Proficient in experimental methods, instrumentation, and measurement systems.

* Experience in FEA structural analysis a plus.

* Experience in part design, prototyping and fabrication is a plus.

* Background in acoustics, vibration and/or indoor air quality is a plus.

* Familiarity with HVAC&R equipment and systems a plus.

* Good communication and organization skills required.

* Industrial experience a plus, but not required.

Client: Carrier R&D Center

Location:申江路3239号开利研发中心 (2号线广兰路站下打车10分钟左右)

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