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博洛尼亚大学(2021年QS排名160)计算力学小组招收2021年入学的CSC资助博士生,学制为3年。 课题组主攻计算风工程,尤其是通过CFD评估结构风荷载。详细的介绍请参阅课题组网站:https://site.unibo.it/cwe-lamc/en。


申请的截至日期为2021年2月1日,但因导师需要筛选简历(导师已了解CSC的评审规则,不多发offer并协助修改研究计划),所以请有意向的申请人尽早将简历发送给Luca Patruno,有任何疑惑也欢迎邮件询问,邮箱地址如下:


The group of Computational Mechanics of University of Bologna (ranked #160 in QS) is looking a candidate who will be supported in her/his application for the CSC scholarship. The successful candidate will join a 3 years Phd program focused on Computational Wind Engineering and, in particular, on the evaluation of wind loads on structures by means of advanced numerical simulations.

In particular, wind tunnel tests are currently a well-assessed tool to evaluate the effects of wind on buildings and infrastructures. In the last decades, thanks to the increase in the available computational power, the use of numerical simulations (Computational Fluid Dynamics, CFD) is becoming increasingly popular in Wind Engineering, so leading to the so-called Computational Wind Engineering. Please visit our website https://site.unibo.it/cwe-lamc/en for further details.

The research work will allow the successful candidate to deepen her/his knowledge regarding Wind Engineering, Solids and Fluids Mechanics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Programming (manly Python, Matlab and C++) and the use of High-Performance Computing, HPC. Within the 3 years of PhD a minimum of 6 months will be spent in a non-Italian university.

Strong passion for numerical simulations and computational mechanics is required while previous knowledge of Wind Engineering and C++ programming is welcome.

The deadline for presenting your application is 01/02/2021. Please feel free to contact us for any additional information. Luca Patruno - luca.patruno(at)unibo.it
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